Name: Nathan Deluca
Age: 23    
Country: Halifax, Nova Scotia  (Canada)

How long have you been doing cosplay? When did you start cosplaying?  
I've been doing cosplay for about a year and two months.
I started just before the November 2012 HalCon convention in my home city.

Did you buy the costume or did you make it? Did you find it difficult?  
I have made all my costumes- I have to commission a friend for some of the sewing work, as I still haven't figured out how to work a machine yet. Armour and props are my thing- and most of my work is with armour, so it works pretty well. Slowly trying to teach myself how to sew- starting with leatherwork, my first full leather hand-stitched piece was put together just last week. It took a long time.
I don't find it difficult anymore- through doing this, I just started learning how to hand-pattern and that made everything quite easy. When you learn how things go together, the amount of time it takes to put a costume together cuts into a quarter.

How do you chose your cosplay?  
I choose my cosplays based on what video games or movies I like, or comic books- characters I identify with and enjoy the aesthetic of. I'm very picky, so it's pretty hard.

Do you go to conventions?   
I go about two or three times a year- well, it's only been a year, but that's what it's picked up to be. Hopefully more- I'm hoping to go to Australia this summer to get to a big one.

Your  Kaidan Alenko cosplay from  Mass Effect  is absolutely amazing!
what made you come up whit that idea?  
Thank you! Tell you about the photograph sessions?
Shaun Simpson is a pretty good friend of mine, we set up a day and I prepped for it for a few weeks beforehand- it took five hours in front of various backdrops, and we shot each Mass Effect costume sequentially (the dress uniform, T-shirt casuals, hoodie casuals, shirtless, armour and then armour with bruise and blood makeup). Shaun's a perfectionist, it was easily the most comprehensive and beautiful photoshoot I've ever done (not to put down anyone else- I've never had a bad experience shooting cosplay with someone, everyone's been great). He gave me the .raws, I painted/composited backgrounds and isolated myself, and then he did the final touchups. What remained is the product you see!

Congratulations the result is amazing!

What are your obsessions?
 My obsessions? Getting good costumes done on a tight timeline, I guess! I love taking photos, I love meeting people through cosplay, and I love... well, being a big nerd.
Also, the Walking Dead comics are pretty cool, as well as Red Team and a few others.

What cosplay do you have planed for the future?
Right now I'm working on Fenris from Dragon Age, Jag Fel from Star Wars as well as Deathstroke from Arkham Origins. Hopefully those turn out well.

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Cosplayer  page:

Name: Antonio Di Stefano 
Age:   28      
Country: Italy

When did you start cosplaying? How did you discover cosplay? 
I started in 2008 at Lucca comics with a Bleach group because a friend of mine asked to me to join in this group

Your Crimson Fatalis (monster hunter) cosplay is spectacular!! what made you come up whit that idea?

 Fatalis is the best monster ever created by Capcom, and he's perfect in all his 3 forms. His armor was always my favourite in the game and so.. I wanted it in real life! 

What other characters have you cosplayed?
Kira Izuru - Bleach
Kyo Kusanagi - King of Fighter
Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy Crisis Core
Patrick Colasaur - Gundam 00
Kamina - Gurren Lagann
 Reji - Super Robot Taisen OG saga Endless Frontier
Crimson Fatalis classe G - Monster Hunter United
Blood Elf Paladin - Word of Warcraft
Shuyin - Final Fantasy X-2
White Fatalis hi class - Monster Hunter United
Yomako - Gurren Lagann

what is your favourite?
Crimson Fatalis

How often do you go to cosplay conventions or events related to our main subject?
I go to nearly 10 convention for year, but 6 of them are organized by me (with my team) where obviously I can't partecipate to the competition.

Do you have any tips you can share to news cosplayer? 
Don't be afraid to make a "not perfect cosplay", you should learn by your mistakes! If you use passion and apply yourself you can give the birth of a dream! 

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Cosplayer personal page:

Name: Jared J. Lee 
Age:   30      
Country: United States (Texas)

When did you start cosplaying? Why?
I started cosplaying in the year 2007. I had lost 70 pounds, and was starting to feel good about the way I looked. Since I was now the same weight, and height as Deadpool I thought it would be nice to dress as him. Before losing the weight I would have never thought of dressing as the character, because I would not be able to to properly represent the character.

I also just wanted to see a real life Deadpool costume. There are so many movies, based on video games/comics/anime I am interested in how movie studios translate those characters to film. I wanted to show people my interpretation of the character into life.

I am a shy person, and I have always drawn. Drawing was how I made friends in school. People would walk past and complement my drawing. My art was a conversation starter. I do not like bringing attention to myself, but I want people to pay attention to my work. It is difficult to present a drawing to people in public, and have them appreciate it. With cosplay I can present my art to everyone who can see me in it. My cosplay are walking works of art I made. I am not prideful of myself, but I do have pride in my art.

Could you explain how you did your Ganon's cosplay? What material did you use?
This could take a while you may wan to get a drink, or a sandwich before setting down to read this.

All set? Okay!

The Ganon cosplay was special. I wanted to make a better costume then my Lizardman/ Aeon Calcos . I decided the best way to do that was by making a bigger costume with more mechanics, and puppetry. I saw the movie Hellboy II, and really liked the character Mister Wink. He reminded me of what Ganon would look like in a Legend of Zelda movie. So I decided that I should make it myself.

I was going to have working arm extensions with moving fingers. Platform shoes to make me taller. A silicon mask with glowing eyes, moving jaw,snout, and eyebrows. 

First I sketched out the character, and did lots of research on how to make Ganons' head. I found out that in the 1996 movie, The island of Dr. Moreau there was a boar man. I saw a picture of the under mechanics for the boar man's head. It had a mechanism that allowed the snout to move up when the mouth opened. I really liked this feature and decided to added it.

For the glowing eyes I decided to use ping pong balls cut in half. I bought book clip lights for a dollar each to light the eyes from inside the head.
Now that I knew what I was going to do with the head, I had to make it. First I would need a helmet to put over my head to have the skin lay over so it could move, and keep it's shape. I decided I would have to mold a resin shell for the helmet. Instead of sculpting it out of clay I decided to make the shell out of foam. 

First I placed a sheet of cardboard on the ground. Then I placed the back of my head onto it, and traced my heads silhouette. On another sheet of cardboard I traced my side profile. After I had my silhouette and profile on the cardboard I drew Ganons' head around them. Next I cut the Ganon out ,and I put the two half together. the next step I used insulation foam to fill in the gaps between the sheets. Once the foam was cured I used blades to carve out the head shell using the cardboard inside as a stencil. 

After getting the foam into the shape I wanted there were a lot of air bubbles from the insulation foam. To fill the games I applied a spackle to the foam head, and glazing putty to any spots I missed. Next I sanded the rough spots smooth. Spackle is not strong so I sealed the head with plasti dip spray, and a clear coat of spray paint.

I did not want to make teeth separate and have to glue them into the head so I decided to sculpt them onto the foam head. So they would be part of the final head shell.
After sculpting the teeth I molded the foam head with smooth-on rebound rubber.

Next I made the mother mold from plaster bandages, and slosh cast the inside with smooth cast plastic resin.

After all of that was taken care of I used Klean Klay to sculpt over the resin head shell. Klean Klay is an oil based clay that is not in production anymore.

When the clay sculpt was finished, I molded it in rebound rubber, and made a mother mold.

I decided I wanted the heads skin to be made out of dragon skin silicon. Dragon skin is a clear silicon rubber, that is super stretchy. So I knew I would be able to move with the the mechanics I was adding to the head shell. It is also not allergenic or smelly like latex. So I could have it over my head without feeling sick.

I was afraid since rebound, and dragon skin are both silicons they might bond together. To test the dragon skin I sculpted a clay ear for Gannon, and molded it with rebound. I used oil paints to pigment the silicon, and poured the dragon skin into the rebound mold. I was relieved that they did not bond together, and molded well. 

So I continued and brush dragon skin into the rebound mold. There were some thin spots , holes, and tears in the silicon casting. I patched the holes with toilet paper and dragon skin silicon. Then I poured Flex it Foam X into the casting to add strength to the thin areas.

I pulled the silicon skin over the head shell and air brushed the head. I used a paint medium called psycho paints, and mixed it with oil paint colors. I thinned the psycho paints with a paint thinner called toluene so they would flow through the airbrush.

The next thing I had to do was mark the head shell for cutting. After that I cut the holes for the jaw, and nose hinges with a rotary tool. I put the screws in place to hold it together before I cut the shell into sections so I would know that everything was in place. I cut the eye, ears, nose holes, and the jaw. I attached a finish string from the jaw to the nose hinge. So when the jaw opens the sting would pull the nose up. I used zip ties, and drill holes to hold the lights in place behind the eyes. I used a hot glue gun to hot glue the pin pong balls in place then I painted the head shell.

I cut the eye, ear, and mouth area out of the silicon skin, and placed the skin onto the shell.

Next I got my orange wig and zip tied it to the silicon skin. To blend the are between the wig and skin I cut some hair from the wig and punched it into the silicon with a open hole sewing needle. I also added hair to the eyebrows and chin.
I bought devil horns from a costume store, used apoxy scupt to add a hook to the out side of the horn. When it hardened I used a rotary tool to cut details into the horn turning them into tusks. Then I sprayed them with primer, painted them with acrylic paint, and hot glued them to the head shell.

I added a wire for the eyebrow to the eye, and skinned it with a matching color fabric. Then I added hair to the brow. The mechanism I made worked but I could not find a good way to control it from inside of the head. Also the hinge for the eyebrow hit me in the eye >.o...

For the body, I decided I wanted to wear it in sections so I would not over heat. The top would go on like a coat. The armor over it, and the legs like cowboy chaps.

I used a duct tap dummy to model the costume for me as I built it. I made EVA foam rings that fit around my forearm, and bicep. I attached them to an EVA foam vest I made with hot glue. The EVA\ foam worked the base I would build on top of. Then I glued canvas sheet between the EVA foam vest, bicep, and fore arm ring to hold them in place while allowing air flow and movement. 

Next I used sheets of 2 inch think upholstery foam and cut it. I used big scissors, razor blades, and cuticle scissors to shape the foam into muscles. I then hot glued upholstery foam to the EVA foam. Then I rounded the foam edges dragon skin steel sanding sheets by red devil.

The same was done for the legs. I made EVA foam rings for my thighs, and I put cuts through the top of the rings to loop a belt through. I also made EVA foam rings for my calves. I Hot glued a sheet of fabric between the calve and thigh sections to keep them together.

For the feet I duct taped two small buckets together. I hot glued a sheet of EVA foam to the bottom and top of the buckets to make an even surface. Then I drilled a Nike shoe on top of the buckets and screwed them on top. After that I cut EVA foam into the shape of hooves and attached them to the front of the buckets. The last step I hot glued upholstery foam around the buckets and shoe as well.

The hand extensions were made from cashew nut jars, water hoes for the fingers, sting, and key rings to hold the stings. I then wrapped it all in a half inch of upholstery foam. I left a opening in the wrist that opened and closed to help grab the key rings. It was held closed with velcro.

After all the upholstery foam was glue into place. I used a wood burning tool to cut in the skin details. I made sure all the lines I burned into the foam were where skin would fold, and that it would follow the body contours. Next I glued string to the bicep, and forearms to look like veins. The sting would follow through into the chest area.

To finish the body I sprayed it all with several cans of glue. The spray glue sealed the pours of the upholstery foam. I then brushed several coats of liquid latex onto the upholstery foam. Since I sealed the upholstery foam the liquid latex did not absorb into it. It stayed on the outside of the foam to form a latex skin. 

To finish I , and my brother painted a light blue green base over all the upholstery foam. This gave me a unified color base to work on. Then I air brushed mottling and veins into the skin with a crimson red. Next I airbrushed used a darker purple over the veins. With time running short I dry brushed a very pale blue over the surface of the latex. Then to finish I dry brushed a very dark blue green over the latex. Much of the airbrushing was lost but it looks nice.

The armor was made out of EVA foam. I measured and cut it to the correct shapes, and hot glued them together. Once that was done I sealed the EVA foam with plasti dip spray, and primed it. Next I hand brushed the armor with acrylic paints.

For the designs on the fabric I placed them flat, and painted them with thinned acrylic paint. Next I dried them with a blow dryer. Once they were as dry as I could get them I sewed them into the wrist , and ankles of the body. I hot glued the fabric to it the bottom of the armor.

The crown was cut from EVA foam sheets, hot glued, sealed with plasti dip, spray painted gold, and had brown washes added to it. Next I hot glued glass gems to it. I was then zip tied to the Ganon head.

I took it to A-kon 24, but was parts were breaking. The tusk would not stay attached and I had no hot glue gun to fix them and the head was very heavy (15 pounds). Also I was too late to enter any contest. U_U...

To fix it for my next convention S.G.C. (Screwattack Gaming Confrennce) I cut a lot of plastic out the head shell , and sections of the silicon under the wig. This lightened the head to 8 pounds. The eye lid switch was not effective and painful so I took it out. The tusk where zip tied to the head shell, and the cape was added to hide the straps holding the back of the armor closed.

The head took 5 and a half months to make. Everything else was completed in a week.

What is the most difficult part in your Lizardman's cosplay?
Living! XD

There were a lot of mistakes with Aeon/Lizardman. I had never made a costume out of upholstery foam, and latex before so I made a lot of mistakes.

The upholstery foam was attached to a black body suit with a zipper in the front . Then the armor would go on over it. This made it difficult to put on, and take off, because first you had to take all the armor off.

I brushed three 3 gallons of liquid latex onto the upholstery foam and it all absorbed making it very heavy.

I air brushed acrylic paint onto the latexed costume, but the paints were not mixed with liquid latex so they would not bond to the costume. The acrylic paint would flake off if an area was scratched or rubbed. This meant I could not play around in the costume too much. I had to move very carefully so it would not ruined the airbrushing.

Also since I had a tail it was difficult to sit.

The latex also did not allow body heat to leave the costume so it very hot. I wore an ice vest, and cooling vest under the costume that helped for a while. Once the ice melted I sweated until I could not sweat anymore.

I used a fake right arm so I could puppet the head. I planned on holding the puppet over handed on the inside , but it weighs to much to hold in this position for very long. So I had to hold the head under handed like a waiter holding a platter. Would keeping my elbow to my chest. This allowed me to work the mouth and eyes. My arm started to cramp after a few hours.

Since I had my hand in front of my face holding the head, I could not see much in front of me. I could only see from the sides of the head. The head feathers of the mask hide my face in the shadows, and cover my face.

Do you participate in competitions? Could you tell us your best result?

Yes, I do. My first competition was with my Deadpool costume at my place of employment in 2007. I did not place because I bought the costume. U_U

My next costume contest was at my college for Halloween 2011 where I won first place ($25) as Taskmaster. 

My first cosplay competition at a convention was at A-kon 2012 with Lizardman Aeon Calcos. 

Very difficult standing around for hours in that costume, and while on stage I was just hoping I would not fall >_>...

I won Third in show A-kon 23 cosplay contest, TWABI SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME AWARD, First place in craftsmanship DVGA, and a coconut...

I won honorable mention at Dukes' Roadhouses costume contest.

Could you tell us some anecdote?
Just one? There are so many!

When I was Lizardman and saw someone in a fur suit I was yell, "Ahh furries!" 
I thought that was funny, because it was so hypocritical of me to say that. Me being in a anthropomorphic costume myself. Ironic? XD

Some people who entered the Halloween costume contest at school were angry at me, and said. " You know you shouldn't have won because all you did was buy a mask and wear it!" I was hurt by this, but thought it was funny because they assumed I bought my Taskmaster costume! They didn't know I made it, and did not even bother to ask.

When Lizardman went on stage at Dukes' road house someone threw ice at it. That ticked me off X(...

Do you have other hobbies a part from cosplay?
All I do is make things; I draw, animate, paint, make short films, voice act, sculpt, and more.
Learning how to make, and do new things. Japanese entertainment, pro wrestling, martial arts. I collect martial arts movies(I can't get enough of Jackie Chan). I watch cartoons, and anime. Fighting and brawler/ beat'em ups video games, action figures, comics books, manga, artbooks. 

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Cosplayer personal page:

Name: Sebastein                                                  Name: Jill      
Age: 21                                                                   Age: 21          
Country: United States (Pennsylvania)              Country: United States (Pennsylvania)

How did you meet each other? How did you discover cosplay?
Jill: We met at the same college although we were in different majors. Eventually we both switched to the same one and we became friends after a while. I've known about cosplay for a while now. I don't really recall how I found out about it. I was probably just Googleing some stuff and saw people with amazing costumes and wanted to give it a shot myself. I've wanted to try it for years but never found a character I just had to be until Fire Emblem Awakening came out. I loved all of the designs and knew I had to make Lucina's great lord armor since no one has probably done it yet.

Sebastein: Well, the how we met part isnt really going to change with my answer. We attend the same school with thte same major. Jill and I have similar interests when it comes to what we want to make and all of the things we enjoy are practically the same. I discovered cosplay a while ago. The idea of being able to escape reality and be whatever character I wanted to be was always an interest of mine even as a kid. I never made huge costumes or anything like that until recently when I decided to make my graduate project a suit of armor for cosplay. This really kicked things off for me and really peaked my intrest in cosplay. I will be making a couple more costumes before my graduate project but cosplay is what really has my interest right now and I am looking forward to a future in cosplay.

Did you buy the costume or did you make it?
Jill: The entire costume was hand made although some minor parts were pieces I bought and modified. I commissioned my friend, Christina, to style and color the wig since she loves working with hair. I commissioned another friend to sew the dress but she bailed on me the day before I had to leave with no progress, so another two friends, Viki and Pierce, took over and saved the day. 

Sebastein: The costume was all made by me except for the cape. I had a firend of mine that is better at sewing than I am, make it for me. But everything else was made by me. I slaved a month straight into making this costume and it really worn me out but was very rewarding. 

How did you make it to create weapons so real?
Jill: I think the major factor in making realistic props comes down to the paint job. If you look closely at the sword, you will notice that the blade isn't sharp. It actually has a half inch dull edge all the way around because it was made as a LARP weapon, so I had to make the paint job convincing so people wouldn't notice that as much. I gave everything a black base coat and then hand painted the gold and silver for a weathered effect. I antiqued everything a bit by going in with an airbrush and hitting the creases with a little bit of black. 

Sebastein: The weapons, like Jill said, really comes down to the paint job. Creating the right shape and size is also important but without a nice, shiny, metallic paint job its just going to look like aluminum foil and lame. Shading and slight weathering was added to give a slightly aged look and really brought it to life I think.

What was the most difficult in your costume? And the easiest?
Jill: I would say the most difficult piece was the breast plate has to fit right haha. I spent three days trying to get it perfect and it was just a pain. Personally, That's the only part I'm still not happy about. It was just a lot of tweaking and fitting. The easiest was probably the belt ring. I planned on just buying something similar, but I seriously couldn't find anything like it in the size I needed so I had to make it myself. I made a digital model of it in a program called Solidworks and then 3D printed it. After it was printed, I just had to sand it smooth and paint it. 

   "the most difficult piece was the breast plate has to fit right "

Sebastein: The hardest part of my costume was probably the boots or the shield. Both were a pretty big pain to get just right. The shjield has three different curves in it, and the boots were just a really awkward shape to get right. I'd have to say that the polearm was the easiest piece to make. Its shape isnt very complex and had a pretty small amount of detail.

What is your favourite part of your cosplay?
Jill: I don't know why, but my favorite part had to be the cape. It was a three piece cape and it just looked so classy! I think it was a nostalgia thing when you were a kid, tied a blanket around your neck, and prenetended to be a super hero. Capes are just so fun haha but that sword is a close second.
Sebastein: I have to agree with Jill on this one. I am totally in love with the cape. It makes you feel so regal and classy wearing a cape around all day. Its just one of those things that you cant really explain but it just gives so much joy when wearing a real cape. 

What are you plans for the future?
Jill: I would love to be a professional prop maker. I never knew what I wanted to do, but after making this suit, I knew I found my calling. My friend and I both loved it, so we started our own prop company called SquidbotFX. It's just starting out and we don't have much work, but we really hope it picks up after we advertise our costumes at more conventions.

Sebastein: Once again im going to have to steal Jill's answer. I hope to be a professional costumer and prop maker someday. Like I said before, I love being able to just throw on a costume and escape reality and go to some world we have never seen before. Together as SquidbotFX we hope to be able to make costumes and props for cosplayers in need of a high quality product. I am really hoping that SquidbotFX takes off and we can accomplish our dreams. 

"Together as SquidbotFX we hope to be able to make costumes and props for cosplayers in need of a high quality product"

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More Photos: 

Keo Arts Photography :

Name: Cheryl        
Age: 30          
Country: United States (Florida)

Why did you choose the Natsu Cosplay?
There are a lot of reasons:
1.I wanted to make some leather armor, but since it was my first leather project I didn't want to go too crazy. 
2. I really loved Natsu's concept art and thought I kind of looked like her. 
3. Who doesn't want to be a ninja?

How do you choose your cosplays?
First, I feel like you have to have some kind of connection with the character. I like to do characters that I think I look like somewhat, but also ones that fit my hyperactive personality. Secondly, I try to plan costumes I think I can budget and accomplish in time for the convention. Money and Time are the most important part of planning a costume.

" I feel like you have to have some kind of connection with the character. "

What is the hardest part of your costume design for Natsu?
Well it was my first leather project, so I ended up getting all of tips from my friends and borrowing a lot of their tools, but I learned a lot so I am really glad I choose to do a project like this, so I can use it for future costumes.

Which conventions do you usually attend? What do you think of the last convention you've attended?
I plan to attend Dragon*Con every year, but I plan to start doing more Florida Cons like Mega and Metro. MetroCon was a lot of fun. It was my first year there, so I didn't really know what to expect, but it seemed well organized and the staff were all really friendly.

Do you show up to competitions?
Just started getting heavily into cosplay last year, so I don't feel like I am really ready for competitions quite yet and may never be. I just cosplay because it is fun.

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KenADPhotography :
Nathan Carter:

Name: Laura          
Age: 26            
Country: Spain (Madrid)

How long have you been doing cosplay?
I have been doing cosplay since 2005.

Can you explain us why you made the cosplay of Viola?
Some friends suggested me to make a group of Soul Calibur V for Expomanga and I was pleased to get into the group because I like this videogame. However, Sophitia and Xiangua, my favorites from the previous videogames, they didn't appear in this episode. Then, I chose Viola because I love the gothic aesthetics and all the flowers, pearls and laces decorating her dress and, finally, her colors combination.

Did you make the cosplay by yourself?
I made the cosplay by myself. I was working on it over three months.

How often do you go to cosplay conventions or events related to our main subject? 
I take part in Expomanga, Expocomic and the Japan Weekend (Madrid) every year. Also, I participated in the Salón del Manga in Barcelona. Moreover, I went to the Japan Expo in Paris twice.

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Cosplayer personal page:

More Photos:
Jesús Clares 

Name: Sofia             
Age: 22            
Country: Germany (Ostrheinsburg)

Why did you choose Tira's cosplay?
I choose Tira because I love this sociopatic, crazy but suffering character. At first I felt attracted for her jollish look and her evident bond with ravens/watchers, thrushes, birds of prey, since I've always loved birds for their grace and freedom. Then I looked for more details, and I found her background and her story, so I fell in love once more. I did the first player character of Soulcalibur IV version at first, but then I decided I'll made them all one day. Since now, I cosplayed also as Tira in Soulcalibur III PG1 and Soulcalibur V PG2.

Did you buy the costume or did you make it? Did you find it difficult?
I made my three Tira cosplay by myself, but I have to say I had no choice. These costume were not so popular to be serialized and sold. But I think is better like that, Tira is a unique character after all, so changeling from a chapter to another, so originality fits her nature. And actually, yes, all the three of them were quite challenging. I though the last one,the Soulcalibur V one, would have been the simpler, instead it have been one of the most difficult. Eiserne Drossel helped me to make my cosplay.

"I made my three Tira cosplay by myself, but I have to say I had no choice"

What is your favourite part of your cosplay?
I think, the more enjoing thing about my costumes is the making of them. When you build up the whole thing, piece after piece, and more and more say to yourself "Wow, then it really worked out!" after you've came up with some oddy crafting method. This crescendo of enthousiasm that brings you to actually finish the whole project, it's what I like the most. I don't know if I've managed to explain myself properly, but whatever.

Do you go to cosplay conventions?
If possible, I do join convention. Limits are usually imposed by distance of the place where the event takes place from my home, or maybe time and money. But I really enjoy there, because I meet some good friends in those places, and I rejoin them in these occasions, since they could even live quite far from me. All wearing our costumes, the most of time. When we can, we love to organize some cosplay group too.


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Guianluca Bia