Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 10th birthday Anime Evolution!

The Vancouver Anime Convention Society organized the 10th Anime Evolution Con on June 28-30 at the University of British Columbia in Vanvouver, Canada. Some of the special guests were Mackenzie Gray (as Jax-Ur in Man of steel), Sebastiano Serafini (Tokyo-based model, musician), Jād Saxton (worked for Funimation Entertainment as an actress and singer) and Dante Basco (actor, voice actor, poet and dancer). In particular, a lot of voice actors attended AE 2013 in comparison with others cons. Several of these voice actors were Scott McNeil (Dragon Ball Z, InuYasha), Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto), Tara Platt (Temari in Naruto), Lee Tockar (Gukku in Death Note) and Team Fourstar (Dragon Ball Z Abridged) among many others. Furthermore, Synaptic Chaos Theatre (comedy troupe specialize in live improv) livened up the weekend.
A part from that, attendees enjoyed a hundred activities like AE 2014 Mascot Contest (winners), Series Anime competition (Questions about details of your favourite series), Super Kawaii Swimsuit Queen 2013, Karaoke, How To Pose in Cosplay, Videogaming and wait for it... 24 hours videorooms played Cosplay Music Videos as well as series and films like Oreshura, Deathnote, Infinite stratos, Shakugan no shana, The secret world of Arriety, Howl's moving castle, etc. Finally, we have to applaud the charity auction, hopefully all the cons will do the same. Will they do it?